Meetings Services

Meetings Services

We know that our clients are looking for services that provide integrated value. Omega World Travel's Meetings & Incentives (OMI) portfolio of services covers all aspects; logistical planning to budget management and reconciliation. In order to provide this seamless service, OMI is prepared to assist you with our in-house team.

Our approach is focused on creating a strategy, which starts with uncovering each client's unique goals. By tailoring each meeting or event to a client's desired outcome - we create a more

“Think of us as the intelligent alternative to dealing with the details, difficulties and expense of producing your own meetings and events.”

impactful event experience. Your attendees will walk away with a greater connection to your brand, goals and messaging. Whatever your goal, let Omega take on the responsibilities, and let us help turn your vision into reality.

OMI has greater buying power than most in the industry due to our more than 20 years of industry and global experience. OMI's experts negotiate on your behalf the best possible venue, hotel room and transportation rates. What does this mean to you, our client? This means we pass on to you immediate cost savings, maximized hotel concessions, and minimized attrition; positively impacting your return on investment (ROI).

Whether it is a registration site or a complete strategic meetings program - let Omega Meetings & Incentives make it happen.

Logistics Planning
  • Logistics planning
  • Site visits
  • Supplier management
  • Budget management & reconciliation
  • Sourcing/Site selection
  • On-site staffing management
  • Contract negotiation
Group Air
  • Dedicated group air staff
  • Consistent single point of contact
  • Responsible for all aspects of the group air movement
  • Negotiate air contracts
  • A&D reports
  • Zone fares/Group blocks/Earned comp tickets
  • Emergency assistance: 24/7 globally
Travel Technology
  • Online event reporting
  • Personalized invitations and registration sites
  • High resolution websites
  • Registration
  • Ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Customized mobile apps
  • Registration & attendee management